December Reading and Holiday Gifting

As many book lovers, life-long readers, and writers know, independent bookstores are struggling. In these challenging economic times, many are relying on robust income from the holiday season to survive.

Clerestory is an affiliate of When you purchase our recommendations through the links we provide, 10% of your sale benefits our community and 10% benefits independent bookstores. As of this week, Bookshop has raised nearly $9 million for independent bookstores.

If you are searching for generative holiday gifts for loved ones, I humbly ask you to consider looking through our curation on Bookshop, where you’ll find suggestions on texts ranging from spiritual memoir to children’s books to stationary.

For December’s “recommended reading,” here are twelve suggestions for memoirs and novels, reflective of our current theme on faith.

Dear reader, at Clerestory, we believe deeply in the capacity of storytelling to shape a more humane world. We hope you will find some works, whether inspiring or consoling or thought-provoking, to add to your winter nightstand here.





About the author

Sarah James

Sarah James is the founder and director of Clerestory. A graduate of Middlebury and Yale, she identifies as a biracial South Indian-American woman of color and studies contemplative religion at the Living School for Action and Contemplation. Her writing appears elsewhere in Darling, Relevant, The Porch, and others.

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