Episode 10: A Posture of Surrender by Naomi Oh

In this episode, Naomi Oh reflects on the difficulty of surrender after developing a meditation practice and through reflecting on faith.

“I have been visualizing what it might be like to collect water from a stream by trying to grasp it. My fists are clenched and my grip is tight as the cold sensation slips through my fingers over and over again. This is not an efficient way of collecting water. Water is not meant to be grabbed…it should be held, cupped in our hands, so we can drink it.”

Naomi Oh is a dietitian and currently works in a hospital in Vancouver, Canada. Besides her interest in nutrition and health, she loves engaging in many forms of art and creativity, especially writing, reading and painting. Although she is still exploring the role of faith in her life, both reading and writing helps her to reflect on deeper topics and feel more connected to the greater community.

Read Naomi’s full essay here.

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