Episode 3: Absence Makes the Heart by Heather Burtman

In the third episode of the Clerestory Podcast, Heather Burtman examines the interwoven natures of absence and presence, fear and love, doubt and faith.

“Complementary colors are in fact direct opposites: red to green, orange to blue. Along the same line of logic, every emotion heightens its opposite. True presence begets the most soul-aching absence and vice versa. There is nothing like a pandemic to hit this lesson home.”

Heather Burtman is a recent graduate of Yale Divinity School. Her hometown is Eau Claire, WI and she currently lives in Boston. She was raised somewhere between non-denominational and Baptist and has more recently attended an Episcopal Church. She is still searching for a church home and exploring what it means to hold space for both doubt and faith. She has previously been published in Image Journal and in the New York Times Modern Love section.

You may read Heather’s full essay here or listen to her read her own story below.

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