Introducing the Clerestory Podcast

In the Clerestory Podcast, we will publish weekly stories read by Clerestory Magazine writers and contributors. Clerestory Magazine provides space for writers, artists, activists, and seekers to examine their personal experiences, social issues, and culture through searching storytelling and contemplative inquiry.

We believe that the stories we listen to shape how we witness experience. They shape how we encounter difference. They shape how we participate in the world. They shape who we become. I hope that these “clerestories” will let light and air into your ways of understanding, knowing, relating, being.

Our first theme, for our inaugural issue, is “faith.” We look forward to processing the complications, promises, and comforts of faith with you soon.

About the author

Sarah James

Sarah James is the founder and director of Clerestory. A graduate of Middlebury and Yale, she identifies as a biracial South Indian-American woman of color and studies contemplative religion at the Living School for Action and Contemplation. Her writing appears elsewhere in Darling, Relevant, The Porch, and others.

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