The Clerestory Podcast S1 E25

The Oklahoma Tenant Farmer and Me
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S1 E25 The Oklahoma Tenant Farmer and Me

While typing her great-grandfather's letters, Emily Lee learned lessons of persistence and resilience.

S1 E24 Family First

Andrew Taylor-Troutman shares "Family First," a reflection in ten steps.

S1 E23 Sure, Time Heals All Wounds, But It Doesn’t Work Alone

Ahead of the new year, Anne H. Putnam shares "Sure, Time Heals All Wounds, But It Doesn't Work Alone."

S1 E22 Prepare Him Room

Amy Nicholson shares "Prepare Him Room" as part of the Clerestory Podcast's December series on contemplation.

S1 E21 Christmas Reflection

Myroslava Hartmond shares "Christmas Reflection" as part of the Clerestory Podcast's December series on contemplation.

S1 E20 A Prayer of Gratitude

For the month of December, Clerestory writers share prayers and reflections on contemplative themes. In this episode, Emily Garcia reads her "A Prayer of Gratitude to the God of All Seasons."

S1 E19 Taking Care of Ourselves

Jen Ashley shares what it truly means to care for ourselves in a culture obsessed with a narrow and misguided definition of "self-care."

S1 E18 Haters and the Garden State

Jenna Kunze reflects on her complicated relationship with her home state, New Jersey.

S1 E17 Of Widest Worth

Andrew Taylor-Troutman reflects on Wendell Berry's concept of "membership," being green, and suburban development in "Of Widest Worth."

S1 E16 In the Apple’s Ripening

Myroslava Hartmond reads "In the Apple's Ripening," a poem reflecting on grief, her uncle's tragic death, and the friendship and love they shared.

S1 E15 Nine Months to Moksha

Sumitra Mattai explores religion, trauma, and motherhood, as she reflects on her mother's self-imposed period of silence in "Nine Months to Moksha."

S1 E14 Life Together: A Community Special

To conclude our series on community, we're sharing three essays on "life together."

S1 E13 Grounding Practices for Working Remotely

In this episode, Laura Kisthardt shares grounding practices to help those working remotely

S1 E12 Imitation of a Ginkgo

In this episode, Olivia Bardo writes about faith, patience, and trust in "Imitation of a Ginkgo."

S1 E11 The Necessity of Beauty: Resistance, Reclamation, and Faith

Elena Gallina sifts through beauty and resistance in this episode of the Clerestory Podcast.

S1 E10 A Posture of Surrender

In this episode, Naomi Oh reflects on the difficulty of surrender after developing a meditation practice and through reflecting on faith.

S1 E9 The Urban Monastery: Faith, Contemplation, and Architecture by Jonny Ryley

Jonny Ryley shares his conception of an urban monastery, an answer to the question: “what creates a space of stillness and contemplation in the spaces we inhabit?”

S1 E8 This Nowhere But Here

Molly Silverstein offers a poem, "This Nowhere But Here," for this episode of the podcast.

S1 E7 Collective Remembrance and the Communion of Saints

In this episode, Emma McDonald explores her Catholic faith, the absence of in-person worship in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and personal and scholarly approaches to understanding prayer.

S1 E6 Doubt as the Essence of Faith

In this episode, Elisabeth Ivey explores her personal experience with doubt, deconstruction, and faith.

S1 E5 Advent Devotional Guide by Laura Kisthardt

Laura Kisthardt shares an insightful guide to Advent Devotionals.

S1 E4 Pure in Heart by Libya Kate

In "Pure in Heart: A Post-Purity Reflection on Faith and Friendship," Libya Kate examines the damaging effects of purity culture on women and female friendships.

S1 E3 Absence Makes the Heart by Heather Burtman

In "Absence Makes the Heart," Heather Burtman reflects upon her experience staying at a monastery over her twenty-seventh birthday and the interwoven nature of absence and presence in light of love and faith.

S1 E2 Ridiculous But True by Claire Ashmead

In this episode, Claire Ashmead reads her essay, "Ridiculous But True," an examination of the mysteries of faith, atheism, and attending services at St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.

S1 E1 Wrong Is Not My Name by Kimi Bryson

In the first episode of the Clerestory Podcast, Kimi Bryson reads her essay "Wrong Is Not My Name," a reflection on identity, deconstruction, the nature of hope, and not abandoning oneself.

S1 E0 Introducing the Clerestory Podcast

Introducing The Clerestory Podcast: Stories from Clerestory Magazine. Clerestory Magazine is a new space for writers, artists, and activists to reflect upon personal experience, social issues, and culture through contemplative modes of storytelling and inquiry.