A clerestory is a window which allows light and air into the body of an old building. Clerestory Magazine stories and storytellers are like windows through which the pain and beauty of the human experience shine.

The Clerestory Podcast S1 E19

Taking Care of Ourselves
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poem Terra-Vale

Kindred to a forest of birch, a simulacrum of the body, I inhabit . . .

poem Water Anywhere

Thirsting for a fundamental key to life in the universe. . .

poem In the Apple’s Ripening

In early spring I found myself flooded with grief over the death of my uncle Aleksey, whose life was cut short by a car crash just before my 10th birthday in 2000. He was only 24.

poem I have a tribute that stretches from my navel.

I have a tribute that stretches from my navel to the place where my mother hangs her rosary and this is where you kneel because, this is not the only part of the poem that may need a little worship.

poem It Was My Grandparents’ Table

It was my grandparents’ table that made me insist the engagement be a family event.

poem This, Nowhere but Here

I want to tell you about the walk home.