The Clerestory Podcast S1 E25

The Oklahoma Tenant Farmer and Me
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photo story Body of Work: The Chernikov Family Archive

A chance discovery of an artistic Soviet Ukrainian family’s portfolio prompts curator Myroslava Hartmond to reappraise the importance of life’s small kindnesses.

photo story Beyond the Self

To be alive means to be in relation...

photo story Protecting Ranomafana National Park with Théo Farafidson

Théo has lived and worked in this forest, Madagascar’s Parc National Ranomafana, his entire  life.

photo story  Labyrinth

Came on my bike, hot in the August sun and beaten down by what life had been dolloping out to me.

photo story Bush Walk

At the height of the pandemic we were under total lockdown here in Aotearoa. The Government allowed us to leave the house only for necessities and local exercise with those we lived with, our ‘bubble’.

photo story Leaves

Six months ago someone drove through a red light and drastically altered my life.

photo story Please Plan Accordingly

Everything out there is related, linked, connected.

photo story Vitamin Sea

How the ocean heals us…

photo story There Is No Ordinary

It’s a very strange thing, when you consider it, that sleeping or waking, you exist on an immense globe of atmosphere-wreathed rock hurtling through space.

photo story Becoming Ownerless: Therapy, Hefker, and The Mojave Desert

Wrestling with my thoughts and emotions is my national past time. My preferred coping method has always been intellectualizing, or removing myself entirely from, an emotionally stressful situation rather than dealing with it.

photo story Borderlands

Our environments must be stewarded to effectively create a healthy, flourishing ground for community. This photo essay showcases the moments where rest is the foundation for winter’s ecosystem.

photo story Prayers

These photographs and prayers were prompted by a woman whose faith surpassed a great many difficult and painful things. A woman who was accidentally named for a flower of faith.

photo story The Urban Monastery: Faith, Contemplation, and Architecture

What creates a space of stillness in the places that we inhabit? What creates a sense of contemplation?

photo story In Defense of the Necessity of Beauty: Resistance, Reclamation, and Faith

“Beauty was not simply something to behold; it was something one could do.” – Toni Morrison