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The Oklahoma Tenant Farmer and Me
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Hymn for the Front Porch Rocking Chair

A rocking chair can serenade anyone,
not just the very young and old:
the calm of my torso keeping time,
a metronome marking steady beat.

Not just the very young and old
join this circadian symphony.
A metronome marking steady beat
pulses through us every day.

Joining this circadian symphony,
the ocean of my body laps waves
that pulse through us. Every day,
tulip mussels and zigzag scallops

lap & wave through the ocean. My body
imagines castanets of cockles,
tulip mussels and zigzag scallops.
A boat's pinewood hull nods

at castanets of cockles. Imagine
chirping clownfish & toadfish hums...
a boat's pinewood hull nods
with the rhythm of my sway.

With chirping clownfish & toadfish hums,
a rocking chair can serenade anyone.
The rhythm of my sway
calms my torso in keeping time.

for Steve and Laura

Melanie Weldon-Soiset has poetry in Clerestory, Sunlight Press, Tipton Poetry Journal, and others. A 2022 Washington Writers' Publishing House contest winner, Melanie is a #ChurchToo survivor, former pastor for foreigners in Shanghai, and Poetry Editor at Geez Magazine. Find her in real life biking on DC greenways. Find her online (including her poetry and prayer newsletter) at her website or on Twitter or Instagram @MelanieWelSoi.

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