The Clerestory Podcast S1 E25

The Oklahoma Tenant Farmer and Me
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Coming Home: Women Circle as Sanctuary

Last weekend felt like coming home.

And I’m not talking about the place I went to. Coming home, to me, is but a return back to ourselves. Back to our inner truth.

A walk which takes us through the garden of our own unique qualities. A reminder of the fruiting of our own wisdom. Too often, we are afraid to step into such power. To see and take up the space we deserve.

Last weekend was a reminder that when we hold space for one another in Circle, we grow together from the very seeds that are planted in the middle. We become the mothers of unbirthed ideas. We let go of the fears that hold back our collective. We step back into our innate power.

For our power is our birthright and it is here to guide us.

The path back home is but a return back to our innate knowledge. Yes, last weekend felt like a return to my most authentic sense of self. A self, which feels recharged; full of confidence, trust, eagerness and creativity.

May I remember this place of strength at times when I feel disconnected from my own truth. When I am in need of a reminder of what home feels like.

For home is not just the walls in which we reside but a condition of our most inner state of being.

Rahel Könen is a storyteller and advocate for relational worlds. Her work is focused on improving human-environmental relations and co-creating regenerative and just alternatives. She is currently completing a MSc in Human Ecology and holds a BA in International Studies with a minor in Journalism. Driven by a desire to connect worlds, Rahel aims to build bridges between peoples, places, narratives, and disciplines.

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