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The Oklahoma Tenant Farmer and Me
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An Ordinary Sanctuary

on the page we grew like dusk falling
something breathtaking
impossibly ravishing, but in the reflection 
of actual morning sunlight we shrank to something quite ordinary: 

ordinary love in ordinary creased white sheets ordinary 
glasses resting on ordinary night tables 
removed after reading ordinary books 
just before switching off the small bedside lamp
at an ordinary hour. 

in the distance we could hear the monastery bells, 
the soft sound of a bird’s nest falling, 

to the forest floor. 

Originally from the United States, Emilie has been living and working in and around Barcelona, Spain since 2002. She is a writer, poet and freelance translator, and also the co-editor ofparentheses, an annual journal of international writing. Her work has been published in various journals and magazines, includingNew American Writing 33, Porridge Magazine, Piel, Libro Rojo, arRELATS, Everyone Has a Good Story, and parentheses.

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