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The Oklahoma Tenant Farmer and Me
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Myroslava Hartmond

Myroslava Hartmond is British-Ukrainian, spending much of her life between Oxford, suburban south London, and Kyiv, where she ran an art gallery for six years. She has written on monumental propaganda, counterculture, and visual art, but the plague prompted her to take up creative writing again. She is now working on a poetry collection titled ‘Songs from Afar’.

essay Crafting the Body: An Ecology

Imagine for a moment that our skin was a transparent membrane which revealed the inner workings of the body. That we humans had been designed in a way that left the mechanics and chemistry of our anatomy in plain view

poem In the Apple’s Ripening

In early spring I found myself flooded with grief over the death of my uncle Aleksey, whose life was cut short by a car crash just before my 10th birthday in 2000. He was only 24.