A clerestory is a window which allows light and air into the body of an old building. Clerestory Magazine stories and storytellers are like windows through which the pain and beauty of the human experience shine.

The Clerestory Podcast S1 E25

The Oklahoma Tenant Farmer and Me
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It is not always a guilt-and-punishment salve to put over what’s been hurting.

It’s also a moment—

a never-ending sentence jotted down as some significant event inside of time as ‘history’ for whoever may still be reading this soon; it’s an

enjambed tomb becoming something even as it refuses to keep anything else alive,

save for its own recycled memory.

But, what’s crazy is this: It wrapped the future into some present for all those involved

and to a lesser degree those not involved at all beyond being gathered with others just like them.

And, this is all because ‘It has been written,’ you know.

It is sometimes these guilts

and often times these punishments,

but it’s never-ever this:

Who wrote these sentences?

Who’s stating these things?

And, find out this: Why?

And, who the hell’s in charge of making history?

And, what should we be saying now

to have our progeny be

where we hoped we’d be by now

but aren’t? It’s all this, too: Pending boughs, hovering in the wind;

Waiting to see where we will all eventually go;

Wondering what the god is thinking;

Wishing we could judge a tree by where it had grown;

And praying for our own particular endings.

Garrett Mostowski is co-pastor of Fort Street Presbyterian Church in Detroit, Michigan. His work has been published in Christian Century, Geez Magazine, and the Princeton Theological Review, among others. In his free time, he co-hosts and produces Textual Intercourse a weekly podcast exploring scripture, meaning, and truth.

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