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The Oklahoma Tenant Farmer and Me
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Sarah James

Sarah James is the editor-in-chief and founder of Clerestory Magazine. A graduate of Yale and Middlebury, Sarah is a biracial South Indian-American woman of color and a writer. You can find her work elsewhere in The Porch, Darling, and Relevant, among others, or on her website.

Editor’s Letter Issue No. 8: Embodiment

In the eighth issue of Clerestory Magazine, contributors confront the joys and pains of being a body.

Editor’s Letter On Sanctuary

In the seventh issue of Clerestory Magazine, contributors locate places of rest and refuge.

interview Grieving Well with Amanda Held Opelt

Amanda Held Opelt is a songwriter, speaker, and writer based in Boone, North Carolina. Her work stands at the intersection of faith, grief, healing, creativity, and belonging.

Editor’s Letter Issue No. 6: Food

In the sixth issue of Clerestory Magazine, poets and writers explore how food comforts and connects us to each other.

Editor’s Letter On History

In the fifth issue of Clerestory Magazine, writers explore the events, stories, and relationships which shape us.

Editor’s Letter On Ecology

In the fourth issue of Clerestory Magazine, writers explore the environment and relationality.

interview Climate Grief with Hannah Malcolm

Good theology rewrites the stories we tell about ourselves. So for those who belong to a faith tradition, theology is essential to the climate movement...

interview Seed Stewardship with Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance

When you learn how to save seeds, you are taking part in an ancient tradition of your ancestors and contributing positively to the ecological cycles of the planet.

Editor’s Letter On Therapy and Healing

In the third issue of Clerestory Magazine, writers respond to the question, “what heals?” 

interview Healing in Action: An Interview with Compassion Prison Project Founder, Fritzi Horstman

Fritzi Horstman is the Founder and Executive Director of Compassion Prison Project, a Grammy award-winning producer, a filmmaker, and a trauma survivor. A graduate of Vassar College, Fritzi envisions “all prisons as healing and education centers” and works toward that vision of transformation every day.

interview How Comedy Heals Us: An Interview with Comedian and Writer Geoffrey James

Geoffrey James is a comedian, writer, actor, and podcast host. A graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, Geoffrey writes for Carpool Karaoke and works for the Headgum Podcast Network, where he hosts The Headgum Podcast, co-hosts Review Revue, and appears in Headgum’s original sketch series.

interview On Embodied Liberation: An Interview with Leadership Coach and Founder of Embodied Black Girl, Thérèse Cator

Thérèse Cator is a mother, leadership coach, embodiment practitioner, storyteller and founder of Embodied Black Girl, a collective dedicated to the “embodied liberation,” flourishing, mental health, and wellness of Black women. 

Editor’s Letter On Community

In Clerestory Magazine’s second issue, we examine the meaning of community and liberating possibilities for collective life

interview Cultivating Hope and Healing with Rev. Kyndra Frazier

Rev. Kyndra Frazier is a community healer, pastor, clinical practitioner, leader, founder, writer, and teacher. A graduate of Emory’s Candler School of Theology and Columbia School of Social Work, Rev. Frazier combines clinical practice and pastoral care in her work with individuals, families, and communities.

interview On Revolutionary Love: A Conversation with Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis

I have in my own way, tried to create the Beloved Community. The world really needs that. 

interview Recovering Compassion with Center for Council’s Jared Seide

Jared Seide is the Executive Director of Center for Council. Center for Council administers programs which encourage compassion, repair communal ties, and teach presence, speaking truth, finding resonance without judgment, and listening.

interview Living, Doing, Being: An Interview with Theos Director Elizabeth Oldfield

Theos Think Tank, based in the UK, explores the intersection of faith and society. Elizabeth Oldfield has served as Theos’ director for ten years and hosts Theos’ popular podcast,The Sacred. 

Editor’s Letter On Faith

In the inaugural issue of Clerestory Magazine, contributors examine the frustrations and invitations of "faith."

interview On Beauty and Faith: An Interview with Alabaster Co-Founder Bryan Ye-Chung

Founded by Bryan Ye-Chung and Brian Chung, Alabaster produces books of the Bible, texts on subjects at the intersection of art and faith, and reading guides.

interview Our Common Home: An Interview with GoodLands Founder Molly Burhans

Molly Burhans is the founder of GoodLands, an Ashoka Fellow, a cartographer, and a practicing Catholic. She was named a Young Champion of the Earth by the United Nations’ Environment Program in 2019 and holds a master’s degree in Ecological Design from the Conway School of Landscape Design.

interview In God’s Time: An Interview with Hugh Reid

Can you hear it? The world singing – or have they taken that from you too? Ever since I was little, I’ve sensed the world speaks to us. Certain environments hold mourning in the ... earth, other places exude soft yellow and deep green.

interview Storytelling and Soul Expression with Zainab Zeb Khan

Art has the ability to show three sides to a story: yours, mine, and what really happened.

interview The Wisdom of Stories: A Conversation with Enuma Okoro

Enuma Okoro is a Nigerian-American writer, speaker, and cultural curator who locates her work at the intersection of the arts, culture, storytelling and soul care.